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Global Reach
A View of NASA’s International Cooperation
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NASA Office of International and Interagency Relations

The mission of the Office of International and Interagency Relations (OIIR) is to provide executive leadership and coordination for all NASA international activities and partnerships and for policy interactions between NASA and other U.S. Executive Branch offices and agencies. OIIR serves as the principal Agency liaison with the National Security Council, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense. OIIR also directs NASA’s international relations; negotiates cooperative and reimbursable agreements with foreign space partners; provides management oversight and staff support of NASA’s advisory committees, commissions and panels; and manages the NASA Export Control Program and foreign travel by NASA employees.


OIIR is organized into six divisions. A matrix approach within the office allows for provision of support to each NASA Mission Directorate and for specific country or regional issues of interest to the Agency. The OIIR organization chart and a brief description of each organizational element follow. In addition to its personnel at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, OIIR has representatives in Europe, Japan, and Russia. OIIR also maintains liaison positions with the Department of Defense (DoD) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Human Exploration and Operations Division
Supports a broad range of international and interagency policy issues for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.
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Aeronautics and Cross-Agency Support Division
Supports NASA’s international engagement in aeronautics research as well as cross-agency support activities.
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Science Division
Supports a broad range of international and interagency policy issues for the Science Mission Directorate.
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Advisory Committee Management Division
Provides management oversight and ensures legal compliance for NASA’s external Federal advisory committee(s). Also directly manages the operations of the NASA Advisory Council (NAC) and the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP).
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Export Control and Interagency Liaison Division
Supports all four NASA Mission Directorates through the administration of the NASA Export Control Program.
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Resources Management Division
Supports OIIR’s internal operations, including budget, personnel, space planning, and administrative support for NASA’s overseas representatives and DOD liaison.
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Office of International and Interagency Relations Organization Chart
January 2017
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